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Missing eggs

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Funny you should ask that as we were just wondering if something is taking one of our girl's eggs!


Onion has several nests in our hedge, she won't lay in the Eglu any more, even to the extent of flying over the netting to get there if it's not FR time! But we haven't found any eggs in any of her nests for the last 10 days and she's not moulting, seems in good health and she's only 18 months old, so we'd begun to wonder.... :think:

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Rats could be taking the eggs but I suspect they are just having a break. One of my girls hasn't laid for weeks, others have slowed down but they are moulting - feathers everywhere. In the next few weeks I shall worm them all again just to be on the safe side.


Oh yes and they are all eating growers pellets :wall: that would explain fewer eggs. I have some 12 week and 15 week growers in with them so instead of eating their layers they are scoffing growers instead. :roll: At least that must be nice for them while they are moulting. :) In a few weeks time they'll only have access to layers again.

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I've had some baldy eggless chooks for a few weeks now.....bought some tonic and better layers ( a stores own brand was bought by my Bro In Law, as he didn't thought I should spend so much on my usual brand :shock: ) and it doen't agree with them. Had a few softies too.....Have realised how insipid shop bought eggs are...

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