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Nicola O

Red Legged Partridge !!

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Was in the local cemetery early this morning and noticed a strange little bird scuttling about. It reminded me of a quail in size and shape, but upper part of body was plain biege/brown, wings & belly cream with little red stipes, and a bright red bill and red legs.


Never seen a bird like that before and took a couple of pictures on camera phone (not very good ones as I couldn't get close enough) and I noticed he scuttled away with his head down when I got too close, rather than flying off.


Just looked as the RSPB site and he seems to be a Red Legged Partidge !! He was really cute and I'll have to look out for him again the next time I'm there.


(This is not my picture, by the way, my camera phone is not that good :lol: )




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We have them round here too. There is a little piece of land at the end of my close that is currently having a couple of houses built on it. Before the building work started I often used to see a couple of red legged partridges up there, sometimes they would trot down the close past my office window. They are very pretty, aren't they?

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