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An honest valuation

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I inherited a very old sterling silver pocket watch which I think belonged to my

grandfather. It is one hundred and sixty years old so it could have been owned by

someone before him, and it still keeps good time. As it has been tucked away in a drawer

for ages I thought I might as well try and sell it. I went into a well known jewellers in

Northampton and asked them how much it might be worth, I left it with them for a fortnight

and they got back to me today and offered me a ridiculously small amount for it.

Does anyone know where I can get a proper valuation for this type of thing, I dont

want to be ripped off!!



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In addition to getting a valuation perhaps you could check on Ebay to see if there are any similar watches for sale and what kind of prices they are going for? We've done that for a couple of things, just to see what the market is like, before trying to sell.


OHs Mum had to get a lot of clocks valued, she used someone down in the southwest so prob no good for you but I do remember her having to look around for someone she trusted.

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Do you have a local rep for Christies or Bonhams? They are usually very good - especially if they think you want to sell it!!!! But bear in mind that an auction valuation is different from (less than) a 'shop' valuation (ie; what you would have to pay for it if you wanted to buy it in a shop rather than what you could expect to sell it for at auction bearing in mind it might be bought by a dealer who would, in turn, want to make a profit selling it on!! :wink: )


There is a shop in Thame - a few junctions down the M40 - called Rosemary and Thyme. They valued a clock for us and were helpful!


Hope that makes sense! Good idea to get a few valuations if you can and compare them. Try local Yellow Pages etc too!

Good luck!

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My father in law is a hobby Horologist, I could ask him if he has any general recommendations for you


If you pm me some details I can also ask him to look in his extensive collection of catalogues and books to see if there are any guideline values

Thanks for that Tasha, Im going to get the watch back from the jewellers to-morrow.

Its got the makers name inside and the date , I`ll pm you then

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