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How old is old?

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My 3 year old hybrid Roxy is not quite herself at the moment, she's been to the vets who suspected a slightly doughy, sluggish crop and gave an injection to help speed her system up, she's also on antibiotics.

However, reading about others' problems in the chicken clinic, I'd never given any thought to the fact that she may just be 'getting old' but how old is old for a hybrid? I'd always had in the back of my mind that 5 was the average age for a hybrid but perhaps that's not the case, what do you think?

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I've had my Suffolk Noir, Treacle for over 4 years from POL so she is 4 1/2 now and still going strong. I think the Black Rock type hybrids tend to live longer. I agree with what others have said about "gingers". I haven't had one live to be older than 3. I'm guessing they are "programmed" to live shorter but more productive (eggs, that is) lives.


Pure breeds do tend to live longer as they don't lay as prolifically. That said, I lost one of my Araucanas earlier this year and she was only 3.


Enjoy what time you have with your girl. If she's had a good life what more could a hen want? :D

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Isn't it strange that there is always one who comes along with a different tale from the 'norm'? And today its me ....


I originally got three girls from Omlet in Jan 2009 - 1 PP died very young from pro lapses, the other PP died about 6 months ago from egg peritonitis and our GNR is now three (ish) and is still going strong. So our 'ginger' girl is our star! She might have stopped laying - she stopped over a long moult about 2 months ago and hasn't restarted - and she's full of that mycoplasma bacterial thing (is that the name?) which pops up every time she feels down, but otherwise she's full of life and ready to give her all.


I am however aware that she's not put enough weight back on after the moult, so we are looking out for any old age issues. Anyway - I think they are like anything else. I've had guinea pigs who've died young and some who must've been close to 7 years old. So just look after them and love them for as long as you can.

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I got my 3 hybrids 3 years ago not. They are a speckled lady, a bluebelle and a black star. The black star has been a bit up and down this year(nothing specific just slow and lathargic), she laid well earlier in the year but nothing for quite a while now. She is on an "up" at the moment having just moulted and growing some nice feathers back. The other 2 seem very well indeed, giving me an egg every day of so. All three are certainly showing my two new girls what being chickens is all about. I've read the same of 3-5 years being average for hybrids, so I take every day as a bonus now...


Hannah :)

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