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Only one egg laid

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I acquired three chooks recently, an Amber Star, a Speckedly and a Heritage Skyline. Two of them are now laying regularly but the Heritage Skyline, which was the first to lay, laid one egg two weeks ago, and nothing since. Is this normal or should I be looking for problems?

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If she's not acting sick, then there's probably not a big health problem. My black sex link stopped laying for a month. Even though she stopped laying before any feathers fell, I assumed that it was due to molting so I decided to give her more protein since her feed is vegetarian. I began mixing a handful of cat food into their food bin. Well, after the first time, she went nuts and acted like a starving animal for the next few days at feeding time! Then after about three days she started laying again. My Australorp never stopped laying even though she is also molting so maybe some hens just need more protein than others. I let them free range for about two hours a day so I assumed they were catching enough bugs for protein, but apparently not!

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We also obtained a Heritage Skyline around the same time and introduced her to our Mrs Pepperpot. Initially they didn't get on and the pepperpot, not taking it at all well, proceded to act in a very agrressive manner (probably because she had been on her own for several months). A day or so after arriving the Heritage laid a white egg but this was pecked to pieces immediately by the pepperpot and since then the Heritage has not laid anything for two months.


Wiggy, the skyline, is quite a nervous thing but has settled in and now allows you to pick her up. However she can be noisy and a bit jumpy - we have taken to call her Nervous Nerys as well as Wiggy.


However I would be keen to know if she will start laying soon or can hens be traumatised by other hens to the point that they can withdraw their egg laying services, on a long term basis or perhaps even for ever?

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