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new hens being very wasteful with grubs, solution?

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Hi everyone,


Since we recently added 4 new hens to the existing 3, we were prepared to go through feed quicker, but in the last 10 days we have gone through 20kg of feed! Having both been working all day and not been able to sit and observe, today I sat and watched after filling the 4 grubs we have mounted on ikea kroken rails.


The new hens stick their heads in and eat, and seem to dig to the bottom of the feed and flick loads out with each movement, on purpose it seems. I have only ever filled the grubs to a minimum of 1 inch from the opening of the grub ie the feed level is never level with the lip.


The old hens dont and never have done this. The aubiose in the immediate area of the feeders is 90% mash!


Obviously this cannot continue but what to do, I bought 2 new grubs when we got the new hens.


Today I got the unused super glug out of the shed and fixed that to the rail quite low down, that holds quite a lot of feed and as the hens have to peck from above and the walls of the glug help to stop the feed being flicked out.


Tomorrow I am going to buy pellets to see if that helps in the grubs, if not then buying a couple more super glugs might be the solution.


I have looked at other feeders and wouldnt want a round one as it takes up too much space.


The treadle option I assume would have the same problem (like the troughs) and they are very expensive


So does anyone else use grubs and mash and have very wasteful hens or have a solution?


All the feeders are in a covered WIR and on a wall which is protected from the weather totally, and we dont have vermi problems either.

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Hanging the grubs higher so they have to crane their heads up over the edge will help


Remove the Grubs if there is a lot of feed on the ground and hopefully they will clean up the ground a bit


Glugs may work better if you can keep the rain off them


Pellets should improve things though

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