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How white are Leghorn eggs?

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Another of my girls is finally laying :clap: (2 out of 6 isn't bad I guess :roll: ) but I haven't figured out which one it is! They are still very small (45g) and not pure white, it's more of an off white but not quite cream. I think it is my leghorn as she has a very large floppy comb and the others haven't really gone red yet except one and she's a maran cross so I'm hoping hers will be dark! !eggbrown!


So my question is how white is a white egg? Could it be the leghorn or I'm I going to have to do an egg watch? :lol:

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I used to have a gold campine who laid pure white eggs. I expected the same from my white leghorn but they didn't seem to be as white. However now I only have white leghorns, they do seem very white! (if that makes sense :lol: ) But I also once bought a white leghorn who wasn't, and she did lay very pale cream eggs. Turned out she was a coral nick - very similar to the white leghorn.

If your leghorn has the biggest comb, she does sound like the culprit, but I'd do an egg watch to be sure :D

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Turned out my leghorn's large first egg (see above) was a double yolker - two perfectly-formed small pullet egg-sized yolks :)


She has since laid two more, the second also had a little blood on the shell, but today's is clean, thank goodness. They were more the size I was expecting!

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