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Rainbow rats

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I've kept and bred rats for a while now, and this week I had my first litter of rainbow rats. The litter was bred with the help of Sirdar and consisted of only one baby. Here she is:




It's a new variety and I believe I'm the first in the UK to breed these! I had the idea after a discussion with friends about breeding rainbow rats (long story). It's obviously not yet standardised for the show bench and I still have a bit of work to do on it; but apart from a couple of minor ear faults, I'm quite happy with the overall result! :lol:


I plan my next litter to be rainbow roans! :D


ETA - oops, maybe I should have put this in the crafty bit! Mods, feel free to move it if I should have!

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Haha, she's very quiet, Chickvic, and is very easy to handle!


And anyone can knit, Shirl. These are particularly easy to do and take hardly any time at all.


Cathy, you could breed them no bother - I got my pattern and yarn online. There are a couple of websites I use, one being slightly cheaper than the other. Of course, a couple of non-knitting friends have gone for the easy option and asked me to knit them one! And I know there are another couple of requests on the way. Think I'm going to be busy! I don't mind, though. It keeps me out of trouble!


And to Plum - :lol::lol: - I'll post photos of her mum later today or tomorrow!

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Done, Cathy.

I've tried to post a link on here by following the instructions, but I can't make it work! :(

I order knitting yarn from www.cpu-enterprises.com and www.deramores.com and both have this pattern. It's knitted in snowflake chunky and is really marketed as a 'mouse' but I think it's too big to be a mouse and thnk it's more like a rat (not that I'm biased as the owner of 20+ rats or anything ......) :D

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Aw thanks. I also like the shaggy glittery one.

I'm on a roll now - have ordered a few different yarns to experiment and have a couple of friends now wanting me to knit them one! The good thing is that they're different every time as the rainbow wools are random - the colours are the same, but just in a different order every time.

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