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Fenton Blue singing the blues

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I have just had a couple of new additions and one of them is making some really perculiar noises. I have had a black rock and a fenton blue... its the fenton blue that I am concerned about


She doesnt cluck or bock like a normal chicken... she makes a noise similar to a duck... not all the time but just when I am out and around the run...she makes some right funny noises.


Can different breeds of chickens make different calling noises or do you think she has something wrong with her throat... she seems happy enough and eating / drinking plenty.


She has a tuft of feathers on the top of her head too... is this indicative of the breed?


Any insight greatly received thanks

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Perhaps you could start a Rock and roll and Blues band :lol:

Being serious however, I don't know much about Fenton Blues but I do think that different hens, not just different breeds, make different noises. When I first got the urge to get chickens I had in mind the sort of noise that my grand mother's chickens used to make. I think they were legbars. I started out with some Pekins and they sounded totally different to me, more like guinea pigs. Now I've got Silkies, Frizzles and Polands and they all sound different again with one of my Frizzles making little squeaky noises and one of my Polands making a sort of sing song.

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