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I have read that some people use this successfully on chickens as a pour/spot on treatment.


I have just taken in a guinea pig for my sister and she sent him with a pack of Anti Parasite Spot-on for rabbits/gps/ferrets and rats....

It shows as 150ug per pipette of Ivermectin. Does this sound as though it would be suitable to use on a Pekin and an Araucana bantam?



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I`ve just finished the first course of Ivermectin on the chooks, got it from the vets.

It wasn`t easy throwing away all of their eggs for a week though, got to repeat the dose next week

then another week of egg withdrawal. It seems to be working they dont bite themselves now.

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Thanks for the advice....I have bought some and will treat them today. Should be an interesting experience. Luckily I wont waste any eggs as they have stopped laying for the winter.


Thanks again

I didnt find it too difficult to treat mine, it does take two of you though. The tame hens were quite

easy but not so some of the others. I didnt find it easy to find bare skin on the back of their necks


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