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Indigestion - is Aloe Vera any good?

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Been suffering from repeated bouts of indestion these last few months - another blasted side effect of the menopause I expect! Has anyone tried Aloe Vera juice - I have read some good reviews but always nice to have a real opinion rather than advertising.


We eat early, around 5, I rarely drink alcohol and I exercise so I don't think it is a lifestyle thing. I am making a concerted effort to eat more slowly as I do tend to eat rather quickly.

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I watched the first episode of the Food Hospital on Channel 4 last night and they are doing a programme on acid reflux next week.


I come from a family of acid reflux suffers. My father had suffered for years without even taking antacids until he had a spontaneous rupture of his oesophagus in 2006 that nearly killed him, he was in hospital for a month after surgery. this is a very rare complication, only a handful of cases per year, but it made me take a trip to the doctors to get checked out. I now take Lansoprazole 30mg daily to reduce the production of stomach acid and it has changed my life, both of my parents take a similar medicine, and the surgeon who operated on my dad has told him that he did such a good job, it should hopefully never happen again to him.

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I take 60mg of Lansoprazole and it has no effect. I think I am heading for another gastroscopy - usuallu show nothing at all - I am hightly strung, stressed out nurse - on holiday I ate what I liked - exercised more and did i have a prob - no - so either I need to have permanent holiday, leave nursing or just put up with dodgey stomach. :boohoo:

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