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My first chickens arrived today!

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Just caught this post. Congrats on joining the clan. You're life will never be the same......I'll leave it al that! They're amazing pets and give you some much enjoyment. I've only had Lilly, Valentine and Amber for 5 months but have learn't so much in that time and so will you. This forum is amazing - full of well informed advice. Enjoy and welcome. ps Brilliant pics.

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My life is already taken over! They are gorgeous and so so cheeky and confident. We sat hand feeding them all morning... Have sadly let my hubby name them so they have daft names but no doubt I'll only ever use nicknames!


They are black rock (the one similar to miss pepperpot) and an ISA brown :) (ginger one)


I now have to figure out how I'm ever supposed to get any wrk done when I can see them pottering happily around the run... Just been watching the black rock jumping, as if on a pogo stick in order to peck at the top leave of a small tree in their run lol- very comical


How have I never had chickens before now?

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Thats a question I ask myself every day! They really do change your life for the better.


I started with 3 back in September and now have 7 with an order placed (that sounds awul!) for 2 more for 2012.


I have found we spend a lot of time outside with them, my little boy runs around with them and they are exceptionally affectionate towards him, although he is normally handing out handfuls of corn to them!


I am in complete awe of their simplicity and yet how they have such different personalities!


My OH has fallen in love with some Polands we saw yesterday, so he's devising plans of dividing up the garden so we can have 'fluffy' chickens and our other girls, so I'm now having to look for an Eglu for them!


Word of advice though and I think others will concur........chickens are addictive....highly addictive!

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Totally agree about how addictive chooks are. I just love mine.

memphisto I can highly recommend Polands, that's if you don't mind doing a bit of a face wash and dry (on the chook, not you :lol: ). My Dotty is really wonderfully friendly whilst still being utterly daft. She is the easiest of my chooks to pick up and loves to sit on a shoulder or wrist. I love the way she wrinkles up her eyes when I clean and dry her little head :D

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Welcome to the forum! :D


Your girls so remind me of my first two Omlet girls in their green Eglu. I had a Miss Pepperpot and a Gingernut Ranger. The GNR was (naturally)Scully and the PP was Mulder.


Nothing is so exciting as your first chickens, although I always get a buzz from new girls (I've got 11 now so be warned)! :lol:

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