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About to recieve a Chicken of Fate! *facepalm* update!

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I know I'm not a regular on here, but have often read the " Chicken of Fate" threads with much amusement, and have always thought this would never happen to me....well, I was wrong. My OH is a Housing Manager, and one of his Supported Living Schemes had hens and geese. They had to rehome all the geese and half the hens due to noise complaints. They were left with 11 hens....until someone forget to lock them in the other night. The fox visited and left one hen alive. The Scheme has decided to rehome this last one hen, this is where I come in, because it was going to the market....and my OH felt a bit sad about this. So he's volunteered us for adoptive parents. We've plenty of room in the new house and run, so I'm ready to be visited by Chicken of Fate....I have no idea what it is.....apart from a hen :lol:


I'll post a pic as soon as I can.

Sari x


So the OH went to talk to the housing scheme manager, who housed the last hen......turned out HE had already been rehomed. In all the conversations OH had regarding this one last hen, not once was it mentioned it was a cockerel, infact HE was always referred to as SHE. So I'm glad that he's found a forever home, and that I wasn't lumbered with a cockerel..... :doh:


Have seen on the marketplace that someone in Northamton has some ex-batts....so watch this space!!

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That's kind of you Sari. It would have been so sad if, after surviving the fox and the noise complaints, this little lone chicken was to survive no more :anxious:


By the way, what do you mean by saying you are 'not a regular'. I seem to have seen that pretty avatar of yours on many occasions :think:


I mean I come on here in fits and starts, not a daily poster, just a random, occasional chatter :)


I can't wait to see what it is, poor thing. I've also seen some hens for sale locally, so may get one of those as well, I've got some space. :lol:

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Have you really dislocated your fingers :shock:


Lucky chicken and you, never happened to me :D


Oh gosh.....that was a long time ago....I got them trapped, and yes, they were dislocated and fracture. Fine now! I'm ultra clumsy, always hurting myslef!

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