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Too many treats - a warning.

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Like the hat, mine just has a lid that's the same size as the top of the feeder.

They've worked out that if they remove the lid they can eat from the top of the pile :lol:


I'll be putting the run on my eglu on Saturday anyway so I'll start to use the grub under the shelter :)


Our chickens worked this out too!


We decided to get an 'automatic' chicken feeder, where they knock small bar type thing & the food comes out. They had this at the farm we brought them from, but for some reason they didn't work out the new one!? So we've reverted to the old feeder whilst waiting for a new one to be delivered with the rain hat.


Treats-wise our's love raisins, banana slices, corn on the cob & kale (from the allotment, that has got too big for us to eat... although now we are fast running out of this, so they are getting the lovely small tender leaves too!) I hang the kale up in the run, and cabbages; which they are a bit picky with- they loved the first red cabbage I hung up, but not too keen on the new white one!


I am new to this chicken keeping lark, but love it already!

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I found 2 softies dropped through the bars today when I cleaned them out. Not sure who they belonged to. Have been just topping feed up and chucking treats in to compensate my being on training at work and not getting back in time to let them out for a FR. Feel bad now & will go easy on the quantity. Never seen a softie till today. Well strange aren't they?

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