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The Qute launches today!

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Omlet has a page for it but it's empty so to speak :( I did find this video about it though on an american website:



Well, imo I'm unimpressed; it doesn't vary from other premium animal housing. It has none of the style that I've come to expect from Omlet products & the wheel is far to small for an adult hamster to spin round in without looking as though it's going to break it's back.



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Having previously worke in a pet shop. I would be alarmed if this cost more than £149.99!


It looks very ordinary, and the storage thing is not unique to this product.


If they produce an eglu shaped hamster home to go inside then maybe I'd be a bit more enthusiastic!



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Oh, is that, erm, well is that "it"? :anxious:

I think it looks more of a prototype, not at all what we've come to expect from Omlet? I don't have any experience of keeping small creatures that might live in something like that, but it doesn't look that big to me (in terms actual useable space for the inhabitant?)

Not "Qute" at all :|

As others have said, I think price will be the making of it (or not, as the case maybe).

Good luck anyway with it, Omlet!!

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The pull out tray bit is good and the storage is a neat idea in theory although you wouldn't get much in it and would have to buy the smaller, less economical packs of bedding, sawdust etc.


However, from the look of that video, the top floor looks to be wire underfoot which renders it unsuitable for any dwarf types of rodent because they can get stuck and also, on some species, their feet are more padded and will get sore if they walk on wire. Wire ladders are also a no-no for any dwarf types.


In my opinion it would be too small to a large rodent (syrian hamster) and definitely too small for say 2 gerbils. However, there are smaller on the market which are sadly legal. That said the deep tray would be ideal for gerbils to burrow in if only it were bigger.


I couldn't see what the space between the wire was but I'm guessing that it's the standard 9-11mm which again renders it unsuitable for any dwarf types unless you want them to form an escape committee.


I agree about the wheel being too small for larger breeds but it looked better than some that you can buy in Pets at Home that are advertised as suitable for them.


Having kept rodents large and small for nearly 17 years in lots of different cages I have to say that I am rather underwhelmed and personally wouldn't buy it in its current state. There are better homes on the market but not necessarily available in pet shops.


Summary: could do better.

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I really like it actually. I haven't kept small furries for a long time, and top of our list to add to the menagerie are some rescue rabbits next spring. But if I was going to keep a small rodent, I would seriously consider it. If nothing else, it would fit PERFECTLY into Imogen's mostly Ikea bedroom...

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Well i do like it :!: It appears much larger than many on the market ( although I don't know the dimensions) & I think hamsters we have kept in the past would have enjoyed living there. We currently have dwarf hamsters in an indoor guinea pig cage & if I had the dosh & would probably consider buying the Qute although I agree with lydia re wire ladders etc.

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Having waited, with baited breath, for the launch (we promised the boys a hamster some weeks ago and wanted to wait for a 'quality' house :) ) I can honestly say that I cannot remember being so totally underwhelmed :shock: !!!!!


This looks like an old kitchen cupboard that has been faffed around with :cry: ! And the price.... :lol: no, no, no! I'm afraid that we expected better from Omlet; funky shape/colours? :wall: As someone else succinctly pointed out, that much extra for a SHELF! How on earth can they call this 'Qute' - Omlet; as far as we are concerned, you have lost the plot so its off to E-bay for us! :roll: Really dissapointed.

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