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Intentionally vague question about selling!

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(disclaimer - I'm going to be intentionally vague here as I don't want to contravene any rules...)


I have a second hand poultry item I need to sell and it isn't omlet so I can't sell it here... But I can only think that eBay is my only other option. What are peoples experiences of selling higher value stuff on eBay? Or are there any other options I haven't thought of?



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My OH and YS sell high value items on ebay to most coutries around the world. They have never had a problem. Pay pal can be a pain. All I can suggest is if the item is collection only do not accept paypal as if the buyer pays by this method and collects he/she can claim you never posted the item and you wont have a leg to stand on as you will not have proof of posting. I will try and explain how the scam works. Some one purchaces an item pays by paypal but says he will collect or send a freind. The item is collected and you hand it over in good faith. The buyer then says he has not recieved the item, they put a claim in and he has the money refunded from your account. He now has the money back and the item. You are out of pocket twice. Many of the buyers say that they are out of the country and use this excuse as a ruse. :wink:

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If selling it on ebay and its a large bulky item make it clear how it dismantles (screws/nails etc) and how big the biggest bit will be once dismantled, this will get you more bidders as so many are put off by not knowing whether they can transport it or not


Make it clear what sort of transport is needed to move it and if there are any access problems


also show lots of pics so they can see the condition


Set a time limit for contact and collection after the auction eg must be contacted within two days and the item must be gone within a week etc..


If you do all of this then you have a better chance of a smooth sale


I'd ask for cash on collection personally

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Have you tried Gumtree? It is free and you only get cash on collection. I bought both of my Eglus (A classic and cube) on gumtree and had no problems. I also sold the classic on e-bay. I stipulated cash on collection only. I took lots of pictures and actually got £110 more than I paid for it which went towards the cube upgrade. If you are worried about scams just make sure the purchaser signs a receipt and if you are really worried take a picture of their car once its loaded!

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