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Anyone remember Hermans cake ?

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When I was much younger :oops: my mum used to make Hermans cake. I can't remember exactly but someone would give my mum a dollop of starter mixture to which she would add stuff. Once mixed she would take a dollop out and pass it on to someone else and she would cook the rest. A bit like a chain letter I suppose. I can't remember what it tasted like - apart from nice.

Any one remember such a cake ?

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I've got one from my son - and it rules my life - well, any remaining life left from chickens!


I add apples and whatever I have handy to the cake when I make it. The trick seems to be to use plenty of cinnamon and/or nutmeg.


Everyone loves it - but I've run out of friends to give the starter too - we all have one.

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We got 'herman' about 2 weeks ago and now we're on 'son of herman'. The kids treat it like a pet and talk to it when we stir it or feed it. I mean really.... :roll::lol:


We made the apple & cinnamin cake and it was really tasty.


We have missed the odd day re. instructions but he is a hardy chap and lives on.


It is sourdough though isn't it? I've been meaning to try a sourdough starter for a while but I think I can use this instead.


The pancakes mentioned earlier - do you cook using only the batter or do yoou add the starter to a pancake mix?

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I think you use it as part of the mix - if you Google Herman you will find lots of recipes.


Our Herman died when we spent a lot of time at the hospital last month - he is quite hardy and put up with a few missed days but couldn't survive two weeks :oops: I was always disappointed that as a starter, it wasn't enough and you still had to add raising agents,I tried without extra raising agents but it made a very soggy dough. I'm more interested in sourdough now so won't be bothering with Herman. I know how to make sourdough starter but I'm hoping to go on a bread making session near Rugby soon so will wait until I've done that and had some tips from the baker.

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