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We've had a very busy weekend preparing the girls' home for winter...


- We laid a thick layer of hard woodchips down under the eglu and run, edged with bricks to (hopefully) prevent it becoming (more of) a quagmire - grass was long gone! We then fixed a large clear tarpauline over one side and the top of the run. This is wide enough to be extended down the open side if things get really terrible. Add a dust bath fileld with garden soil and Diatom and then, just for fun, add a chicken climbing frame (two tree stumps, a s"Ooops, word censored!" length of wood, paving slab and a chunk of pruned bush) to the free-ranging area. Voilà!

They're getting growers-pellet-porridge a couple of times a week which they seem to love (growers pellets, poultry spice, tiny bit of olive oil, bokashi bran,v.small handful porridge oats) and ACV/citricidal in their water a couple of times a week as well. As this is our first winter with the hens I'm a bit worried that I've forgotten something, any suggestions for things I may have missed?

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