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eglu shade cover, Red Mite and goodbye Lupin

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We have owned an eglu for about seven years and in that time have religiously kept the run covered with the green shade. We've replaced it three times now.


Today my husband suggested that we don't need the shade. Our three hens have a generous part of our back garden to peck in and they don't use the run except to get in and out of the eglu.


Somehow I've never questioned it! The shade seems almost an integral part of the eglu package. So is there any reason to keep it? Does it serve any other function apart from shelter from the weather?


Re Red Mite: I was shocked to discover our eglu was infested a few weeks ago. I did what I did a few years back and gave it a thorough dousing in water and mild disinfectant and it solved it. I think I was just lucky. This time the mites didn't go away and my husband (him of the bright ideas) said surgical spirit would get rid of them.


We put some in a spray bottle and sprayed every conceivable nook and cranny. Sure enough it worked. But although I've heard of, and use, surgical spirit for scaly leg I don't think I've heard anyone say it was good in eglus. Perhaps other methods are cheaper? Or have longer term efficacy?


And finally, a few months ago I posted that our elderly hen, Lupin, was pecking the eggs other hens were laying and in spite of our best efforts (mustard eggs) kept doing so. I asked for opinions - really, was it time to say goodbye to her? Everyone who answered said :shameonu: Don't even think about having her put down.


So we didn't. Shortly afterwards she lost interest in egg pecking and became a very very old hen interested only in her food. And then, when she lost interest even in that we took her to a friend who knows how to despatch hens kindly.


So many thanks again for the sound advice and friendly interest. We have a new Bluebell bought a week ago who is settling in nicely.

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My lot do use the run to shelter from the elements and I put the food there so I would always have a cover. If yours don't use it, even in winter, and the food is somewhere dry or they eat it wet, then as long as they do have a shelter I can't see it matters too much as long as they are protected somewhere. However, the old green covers were quite useless - always getting ripped by the wind. I understand the new clear ones are tougher, or you could use a clear tarp. I use a small groundsheet which has lasted very well and is cheap and strong with brass eyelets....but grey!


For redmite you could try Total Mite Kill or Buz Buster - many on here use these and recommend them. I use ant powder (a strong one; must have permethrin) and Poultry Shield. Take the house apart, thoroughly clean everything - try to jet out all the nooks and crannies including screw holes and then spray/powder to within an inch of its life,particularly in and around the roosting bars and nest box. Repeat frequently (eg every other day) until no more nasties seen - should only take a week or so.


Finally - I'm sorry to hear about Lupin but it sounds as though she had had her time with you. Enjoy your new girl :D

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Then I shall discard the cover! Because they don't feed in there - except at worming time when I shut them in until they've finished their dose - so there' s really nothing to protect.


Re the surgical spirit for Red Mite. We've found this to be totally effective and can't see the need to get anything else. But did just wonder if there was a down side to using it.


Thanks for responses. :D

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