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Cream Legbar not laying

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I bought a legbar, and a welsummer in april of this year, both p.o.l, as soon as we got home Davros the cream Legbar laid a lovely blue egg straightaway, as did the welsummer Elsie, the following day, Davros laid every day up until at least 3 month ago, and has not lain since.. Elsie is still laying, i have wormed them, added Poultry spice to their food, and the have Apple Cider Vinegar in their water once a week, i am a bit gutted, as i bought the legbar for the blue eggs.

I have four other hens , one is an Arucana chick i hatched from under a broody wyandotte bantam, she is female, so hopefully she will start laying soon, her name is Chilli, such a little character, hatched in May, i hope she is not going down the same path, i really want blue eggs.

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my legbar went a bit broody in september, has gone through a small moult and hasn't laid since. I believe its normal for pure breeds not to lay through th winter, due to reduced light conditions. Some hybrids keep laying, but don't lay for as long, if you get what I mean. She probably start laying after Christmas, when daylight hours increase, Fingers crossed, anyway! :)

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