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My Chocolate Girls Have Arrived & Buffs to Follow!

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I nearly didn't sleep last night as I was so excited.


Picked up my Chocolate Orpington Bantam girls this morning from Acre House Hens, the drive there and back seemed really long but the girls behaved well.


They've been named Phoebe and Tilly, they're so identical I haven't really got a clue who is who really but one has a slightly more curved beak.


They're 18 weeks old and quite friendly, although they shouted at me earlier as I put the food in the pen.


Dilys will not leave them alone, she's sat by their pen in the Bantam garden and tells me off loudly for trying to move her, so left her to it!


Whilst there, I fell in love with the buffs they had for sale, so, they are coming on Tuesday, the lady is very kindly bringing them down to me as I'd not take enough money or boxes with me :doh:


I also nearly had a chicken of fate too.....I was driving home and saw a chicken cross the road (yes really) in front of me, I stopped, it was a silver mottled body with a completely black head but I couldn't get near it, no houses around, can't see where it would have come from but it ran into a hedge and across a field :(


OH has gone a bit cross with me......he's annoyed I went for two and have ended up with 4 :x but he has his love of his PS3 and silly shooting games, I have my girls. My argument is my girls are slightly more productive than his PS3m my example today 'I had 3 eggs from my girls today....what did your PS3 give you apart from a headache?' he also had a new car last week, so I am holding that against him :lol::lol:


Here they are:













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