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Too upset to speak :'(

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Hi guys



Just gone down to my hen this morning to find one of my cages completely destroyed by a fox, it has decapitated and killed all of the hens in their which included 3 cream legbars, A copper blue maran and about 9 hybrids :cry:


Don't know what to do with myself at the moment and not sure what to do with the bodies :cry:

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Oh no, I'm so sorry, what a disaster.


It sounds heartless but I think the best thing to do with the bodies is to double-bag them and put them in the bin. I've heard that burying them is not legal - can't confirm this myself as I've only heard it from others. Plus I think if you bury them, the foxes will dig them up again which would be pretty terrible to have to deal with after this trauma.


I'm so sorry, I can't imagine how awful this is for you.

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