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Poorly chicken - advice please. *sad update*

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As you may know i have my girls on my allotment in a WIR in a cube and classic.


Most times I am there is in the day and then they take themselves off to bed. They all cuddle up together in the cube at night but i had to go late last week and when i opened up the classic one of my warrens was in there on her own :-( So i took her out and put her in with her sisters.


When she was out in the day she seemed very quiet, abit sleepy and little hunched. I have been again (late) today and again when I opened the classic there she was on her own :-( i took her out, all the girls came out but she was still sleepy and wasn't manouvering much.


I have brought her home to keep an eye on her - some of her feathers underneath were a bit stuck together (not poo) I think she must have been the one laying soft shelled eggs.


Her feathers are looking a bit tattered and I have checked and there are no mites or anything like that. When picking her up she feels really really skinny (you can't tell until you pick her up). She doesn't have an impacted crop - in fact I dont think there is anything in her crop at all :-(


So ive cleaned her up, put some straw in our emergency box and now I need some ideas of what it could be - I haven't put any food or water out yet as she is going to sleep but will add high life and poultry spice as we give them that anyway.


Any other ideas or suggestions? She is one of my 6 original warrens, they are about 20 months old - all the others are perfectly fine and I haven't introduced any new girls recently .

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You've done the right thing by bringing her home and keeping her indoors overnight. Best bet now is to let her have a warm night's sleep, then see how she is tomorrow - you should be able to see whether or not she is eating and drinking, and what her poo is like. Post again tomorrow with an update :D

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How is she? I hope that she has made it through the night :pray:


Age old question..... when were they last wormed and what with?


Are you sure the housing is redmite free? If red mite are present she could be anemic?


Of course there are many other things it could be but I always start with the basics

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All the girls are wormed with vermex I think 4 weeks was the last lot.


I've just got home an she is still in the best box stood up with he head tucked under her wing asleep! It doesn't look like she has been out all day as the food and water don't look like they have been touched and there seems to be no poo. Unless she has pood in the nest!


Has anyone had this problem?

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Personally I wouldn't rely on Verm-X to kill worms.... I use as a supplement to my normal worming regime using Flubenvet. Helpful Worming Sticky Here


It sounds like she is very poorly.... how is she today?


Getting some water into her would be my priority...... some water on a tea spoon or dripped from a syringe would be good.


Food too of course.....

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Well i lifted her off the nest box last night and it seems she had done a poo in there and just sat on it all day. I took it out and examined it and there seemed to be nothing wrong with it it was just perfectly normal :-S


I put the water tub near her mouth and she had a few sips and took one layers pellet and thats it :-(


I've had a feel for stuck eggs etc, checked her over again for mites and there is nothing - its like she has just given up eating :-(


I will have to try and take her to the vets over the weekend if i see no improvement!

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Got home about 6pm and she didn't look like she had moved so I booked her in at the Vet for tomorrow. I took her off the nest and she couldn't stand up anymore and when I put the water near her she had a few sips.


I just new it was time for me to say nite nite to her and placed her back in the next box all cosy. Just been in to see her and she's fell asleep to the land of corn :-(


Night night beautiful thank you not for the eggs but the pleasure of just watching you grow - one of my first ladies sleep tight :-( your sisters will miss you x

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