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Hooded/crusty eye

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Hello again everyone. After bathing Constance yesterday and treating both of them for mites, I have another question. Maybe mite-related, maybe not! I can't find anything specifically eye-related on the forum health FAQs but if it's in there somewhere, apologies for asking a question that might already have been answered!


I have noticed that one of Constance's eyes looks a bit hooded (see photos below) compared to Augusta, whose eyes are much wider and brighter. I've had a close look and can't see any mites or anything, and it doesn't look very crusty or seem itchy (e.g. she's not scratching it or anything). More dry, if anything.But it is quite pronounced on her one eye compared to the other one. She was very obliging with the photos this morning so I've been able to put a picture of each eye below. The second photo is the worst eye.


The third photo is just for comedy value - Augusta couldn't bear Constance getting all the attention :)


Any thoughts? Could it be related to the mites (and therefore will be sorted as the mites clear up) or maybe something different? Has anyone seen this before?


I am turning into the worlds most paranoid chicken-keeper I think :roll:


Any advice welcomed!



Untitled by Faith Al-Egaily, on Flickr



Untitled by Faith Al-Egaily, on Flickr



Untitled by Faith Al-Egaily, on Flickr

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What a stunning splash orp!! :mrgreen: Every year mine, Gin, moults out whiter and whiter :roll:


I would say that Orps have more of a beetle brow that other breeds generally and like us all chooks have slightly different features so it could be just how she is.


Chooks do have a large sinus under their eye which can swell and be linked to respirity (and other) illness but as you say it is hooded it implies it is the top section of brow.


Have you checked for ear mites as well as face mites? They are tiny!


Depending on what you have used to treat them for mites it may deal with ear mites too.

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Thank you, I'll pass your compliments on to the lady herself. They came from Power Poultry in Cambridgeshire - they're both so pretty! But she hasn't had her first moult yet, so you never know, she might get paler. (BTW, I absolutely LOVE your avatar. I wanted to BE Bastian when I was younger :) Would have been a bit difficult, seeing as I'm a girl and all, but I still dreamed..... :lol: )


So far they have both been treated with Xeno 450 spot on on Sunday...which then turns out to not work against Northern Fowl Mite (which is what it looks like). So yesterday Constance (who was badly infested - yet I can't see a single crawly on Augusta!) got bathed in dog shampoo which seems to have got rid of every one that I can see. The Eglu has been treated with the mite kill spray (not that I could see any in there this week either but hey, better safe than sorry) I'm waiting for Johnsons Anti Mite spray to arrive tomorrow morning and then I'm going to do them both with that. Hopefully that'll do the trick.


She doesn't seem to be itchy or anything, so I did wonder whether it was just her expression.. :? ....I guess I'll just keep an eye on whether it seems to get any better or worse.


Thanks for replying!

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Just thinking...I'll check her closely again tomorrow. If I did see any mites on her face or ear...how would I treat them? Am guessing I can't spray her face :shock: Maybe spraying some onto a cloth and dotting it on or wiping it on gently around her eye? I'd be worried about getting it in her eye. Any advice welcomed!

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