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Bit of advice needed...

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Hi everyone


Need a bit of help if possible, I have 3 pekin bantams. 2 hens and one cockerel. Discovered a large lump on my cockerel yesterday and after taking him to the vet today have found he has 2 tumours! :cry: The vet never said if they were cancerous but seeing as she let me have a free consultation I'm taking it as bad news.


The problem I'm facing is if my cockerel dies what do I do for the girls? They've grown up together and it's heartbreaking to know that there going to be split up. Never more than a metre apart. I do want more chickens but really stuck on what to do. Do I get a new cockerel and a new hen, or just two hens? Also if I get more and I get a cockerel do they need to be the same age as my hens? (There just over 2.) Also if I do get a hen and a cockerel would I need to separate them first and slowly move them together or because I have a cockerel would they be okay?


Sorry for all the questions, don't really know what to do. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

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Sorry to hear about your boy...


When the time comes, I think you'd be ok to just put a single cockerel in with your girls (subject to suitable quarantine periods), as long as he's mature. I moved my Poland bantam boy in with my big girls (when my pekin boys grew up and took a dislike to him!) and they didn't give him a second glance! I have a mixed flock of orps/brahma/vorwerk/hybrids/sussex etc). I think as long as the new boy isn't a baby then the girls will be fine for him to take the dominant position in the flock.

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