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EX-Bats, Need Urgent Homes before Slaughter

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I could take some if there's anywhere in Scotland rehoming?


No date at the moment for Scotland as far as I know - I put my name down for three more girls a couple of months ago but I think the chap who does it currently for BHWT is retiring and I haven't heard anything. Just missed the last rehoming by a few weeks :(

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We have hens available on SATURDAY 17th DECEMBER - to be collected from STOCKSFIELD NE433 7SB


All desperately wanting a new home for new year. If you feel you have room to offer some lucky hens a happy retirement, please give the re-homing team a call on 01769 580310 Mon to Fri 9am - 4.30pm. Please be aware though, you would need to keep any new hens separate from your existing hens for the first week or so - ideally so they can see each other, but not actually get at one another. We will be happy to offer any merging advice you may need.


Is Stocksfield any good to anyone? I would take more but I can't - I've already got 5 in my eglu classic because when I went in October for the 4 I was expecting they were so desperate to rehome a few more and assured me it would be ok with 5 - and it has been. A little bit of pecking order stuff which was traumatic at the time but seems settled now. I really can't squeeze any more in though and I just don't have the resources to set up another eglu and run while they merge (which would mean buying a classic and a bigger WIR....so I'm sorry to say I've got my quota and I feel very guilty about it. The only saving grace is that I have at least managed to save my 5 who are now almost fully feathered, happy and recovering from the skinny, scrawny state they were in when they arrived...but.....I do wish I could take another 5

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I'm swithering - please help........


I have a spare empty (green eglu) and could take 4 or 5 ex batt girlies. BUT......


I have 12 mixed breeds already inc 3 ex-ex batts that were given away as they weren't laying so much (and love them so don't get me wrong) but there's a lot of work involved cleaning a (cube green) & (red eglu) & (blue eglu) and 1/2 of my 120 foot garden is a stinking quagmire :vom: . (Plus there's Rocky (whiterabbit) in his (purple eglu) needing a girlfriend to love.)


However, I'm going to clear a 'chook area' come the new year and lay gravel for drainage and hardwood chips :clap: with the intention of getting another cube to keep ex-batts together and the other girls in their existing one (they FR together but don't get on too well :roll: ). Then I'll reclaim some garden, dig & plant some flower beds and scatter some grass seed. 8)


I also have an allotment at the end of the garden that I could put some on but don't want to do that until there's some light in the evenings. I'm on my own so don't have a supportive OH (or not :? ) to help with stuff which means its all down to me. I'm not moaning - but its hard sometimes (and muddy). :boohoo:


Then again; when I let the girls out to FR and Maggie boks with pleasure to be out, they all run up to me for treats and play King of the Castle on top of the runs or snooze in the sun having dustbathed all their cares away its just a pleasure to see them happy. :dance: It's not so long to the better weather now either (or am I fooling myself :oops: ).


So do I put my name down as its only one more Classic to clean out and there are just sooooooo many needing homes at the moment or do I tread the sensible (but less muddy) path. Never mind me, I'm in it for the long term - whats fairest on the girls? :think:


Honest opinions please




& Maddie, Kitty & Milly the 3 cats

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Well. my friend is having 3 BUT (darn it!) her OH is giving her a lift to pick them up so I won't see you all to wish you a happy new year.. The good news is that my 3 baldies that I picked up in November are like little porcupines - spikes of new feathers all over! And they don't run a mile when they see me. I am now A GOOD THING - because I bring food.....

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I am having four from the Brackley rehoming, to eventually join Mad Marigold and Noisy Tallulah, my two posh chooks.


These will be my 3rd lot. Sadly I have never managed to keep an ex-batt for longer than 2 years.


My first three (Annie, Blossom and Millicent) were lovely, great friends from the off and friendly and docile. The second lot were awful from the start. They bullied each other, which never really settled. Poor Lyla was always bullied by Veronica and I had to have her put to sleep when she got peritonitis, sooner than I would have liked because Veronica just relentlessly attacked her and keeping her separate made Lyla sad. Rene was just awful and attacked everything including us. Hands, legs, fingers nothing was safe from that relentless beak. Needless to say, whilst I was happy to give them a home and really pleased they blossomed and looked happy and healthy, I didn't really bond with them and really hope this next four will be more in the Annie, Millicent and Blossom vein of ex-batts.

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