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Researching family tree.

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Hi. I have just begun a family tree search. Another sign of advancing years. I have signed up to an excellant site but really need to print off a chart to fill in manually as I discover information. I know it can be done on line but I,m afraid I find pen and paper easier. Any ideas. I would also like to be able to type in all info eventually to print.

I am finding it really interesting. Fortunately we have some unusaul family names but unfortunately like me some of my ancestors were not great at spelling!

Thanks for any suggestions.

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I researched my family tree a couple of years ago. I found quite a few skeletons ( my Great Grandfather it appears went through women like I go through chocolate) and a whole bunch of new relatives.


Be prepared to put in a lot of time and to do a bit of travelling. If you get chance go to Who Do You Think You Are Live in London. There are experts there who might be able to help if you get stuck plus there is free access to the various systems including the 1911 census ( which was pretty new out when I was doing the research).


A good site to use is Free BMD as you can use it to cross match marriages.

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