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Pekins wanted.

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Does anyone have any lemon cuckoo pekins for sale? I have 2 pekins at the moment (black and lavender) and would feel happier to have 4 altogether so that there's not the risk of one being left on its own. I live in N Shropshire but would be prepared to travel a bit.

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Theres loads of colours of pekins :lol:

I've got Buff Columbian, Red, Red Pyle and Lavendar at the moment - had black and mottled before too! :D


Have a look if there are any *here*


Did you know The Federation show is in Stafford in a few weeks (17th + 18th Dec) and there is a sales pen there ... likely to be some pekins in there or be breeders you can talk to! :D

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Many thanks - very helpful info! Hadn't realised that there were so many colours available. Federation Show sounds a good idea! Yes, Andy Cawthray is brilliant - he started me off with the 2 I've already got. Would certainly recommend him to anyone : www.chickenstreet.co.uk

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