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Calamity Jane

New(old) cube ** pics added

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We have just arrived home from collecting my new pink cube !!! Had a 5 and a half hour trip and of course it is getting dark now. The cube is in pieces in the garden and I have settled the hens in a dog crate in the shed for the night. I bought the cube on eBay for a very good price and it is only 3yrs old. When I spoke to the seller he explained they were moving and could I take the 5 hens as well ! He didnt know what breed they were, as they belonged to his wife, but assured me they were healthy and good layers. How exciting!

I am not really sure myself what breed they are, there is a small white one and a small brown/red one and then the other three are quite big. Easily as big as my 3 Light Sussex. I shall of course take piccies tomorrow and you can all identify them for me :lol: I have asked the young lad who sometimes helps in the garden to come round early and help me clean and assemble it all.

I suppose it makes sense not to let them roam free for a bit ? Just keep them in their run ? I dont have any plans to integrate them with my girls till next spring probably.... we shall see.

I am a very happy bunny tonight. 8)

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Oooo you were the lucky bidder on the Eggloo one, well done to you for getting a bargain. I love my pink one so know you'll be really pleased with it. :dance: looks like they're a welsummer (gold neck) !eggdarkbrown! a bluebell !eggspeck! a whitestar !eggwhite! a gingernut ranger !egg! and maybe a dorking (silver neck) if she's got 5 toes !eggwhite! . Think I've got the egg colours right.

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The one with the silver neck does have five toes so is a Dorking.

Not sure how long I will be able to keep them couped up, they are used to fr and there were a few squabbles today when I gave them some corn as a treat. I also let my three sussex girls out to fr and they went straight over to the cube to have a look. The little White Star puffed up like a cockerel and had a right go at them.eeeeeeek scary.

I still cant believe I am the lucky owner of a pink cube !!!!!!!!!!! 8)

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