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Daily Joys

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Painting my toenails in bright copper coloured glitter varnish

Speaking to my daughter,who is away at Uni

The youngest daughter phoning me to tell me about her new piercing,cos I was the first person she wanted to speak to

Sampling the Mulled Wine in M&S

Completing todays advent calendar level of Angry Birds in one go AND getting 3 stars :lol:

Putting on a tumble drier warm dressing gown & pair of chunky toastie socks

The newly plastered ceiling in the dining room almost being dry

The thought of no work this week......................

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My cranberry and white chocolate cupcake I had with my coffee this morning.

Going to Asda with my work friend at lunch and having a good old natter.

My new cat scratching post which has a tunnel and a table on it arriving today in readiness for my rescue cats arriving tomorrow.

Deanna - my chocolate Wyandotte bantam - getting up from bed to say hello when I collected the eggs when I came home from work (she's now doing this every night 8) we have our private cuddle :D )

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Managing to fit all the beef from one and a half cows into the freezer space we'd made.


Lauren managed her science lesson in mainstream school and hasn't dislocated anything :dance: (one lesson per week now)


Tomato risotto for dinner.


The woodburner is lit and I feel warm for the first time today.

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I'm having a rubbish time of things at the moment on so many fronts so I'm desperately clinging onto little joys to remind myself that I do have plenty to smile about :D


I had the lovliest text from an old friend today. So well timed, kind, considerate and downright cheerful that it really made me smile :D


My children have both made me smile today. Youngest as she pattered across the floor as quick as lightning crawling to give me a cuddle with a massive drooly grin on her face and eldest because he said "I've decided I'm not going to wipe your kisses off any more Mummy!" He's three and a half and had decided he didn't like kisses!

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Having the night off work to go to eldest daughters parents evening. She's a genius :dance:


A yummy sausage casserole that has been in the slow cooker all day so I didn't have to cook after getting back from school.


Driving past Father Christmas riding on an open topped Thomas the Tank Engine on wheels. Debated with five year old over if it was the real Father Christmas or just one of the helpers who dress up like him. Apparently it was DEFINITELY the real one :D


Aforementioned five year old re-writing her Christmas list for the umpteenth time this week. Newest addition, a £75 stuffed talking dog :shock: "That's a bit expensive." "Don't worry mummy, Father Christmas will buy it for me." :lol::lol::lol:


Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. Just testing before the big day :lol:

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Over cut the pieces for a new quilt , using lots of materials from my stash....Oh what an excuse to make two! It will pass a nasty evening or two in Jan & Feb doing some hand quilting, when it isn't worth going out.

Sat with a slice of lemon drizzle cake and coffee before i attack the sewing machine :D:D My little yorkies are hoping for a crumb or two.....sh don't look while i give them the corners.

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