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New Ex Batts with pics

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Got some Ex Batts yesterday and was really surprised on how feisty they were :lol: But they seem to have settled in really well and have even laid to eggs for me this morning :dance: So as a reward I let them out for a bit of free ranging when they soon found my other hens and went to say hello through the fence :D Can't wait for some better weather so I can spend some more time out there with them :D

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Now you just need to update your signature


Will do :)


Any chance of some pictures?

I'm getting some ex-batts of my own just after Christmas My first set of ex-batts, so a new learning curve.

Is it wrong that I secretly want some scabby ones so I can mother over them?


Will try and add pics, not too good at it :roll: But I love mine to bits and there still laying which is a bonus :dance:

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