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Alis girls

card with no name!

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Our manager love him has failed to grasp the meaning of Chrimbo. Today a colleague showed me the card she had given him. Her greeting was written under the blurb and he had written a greeting in the same card on the back of the picture. :shock: She was incandescent with rage. I just laughed so much it made her worse :notalk: My card came back to me in the same condition :shock: I shall call him Scrooge to protect his identity.


Save the card and tell your freind to do the same and be sure to give it back next year. :lol:

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We used to send a Valentines card to a friend without a name. A secret admirerer!

They always went on about it, comparing envelopes each year and checking were the card was posted. So weasked random people to post it near where they lived! :lol: we've never told them. :lol:


On another note: my dad asked me if I could include his girlfriend on my Christmas card... "Because I know her and she lives there too..."

Well I don't know her. We've spoken maybe a dozen times over 27 years. I didn't get yo go to my grandma's funeral because of her. Birthday cards only have my dads name on them... I never get a personal Christmas card from my dad, only the one he sends to 174 other people. (Literally... 174!)

I wasn't sure I wanted to send them a card at all. I ended up sending one on the 24th and lying to him, when he asked about it. Childish I know, but I hate people dictating these things, especially people I don't know.

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