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30 dogs missing in one month in Southampton area

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Good for you!


The latest heartbreaking story is of 2 lurchers thrown from a moving van on the A43 near Brougthon in Northants, they were trussed together with rope and badly injured. Lurcher folk in the area are scouring the woods and fields night and day but haven't yet found them, they will be terrified, cold and hungry. This is how my rescue dog Cyrus was dumped :(

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Glad to hear it. :)


They've been out too long on cold nights, I doubt that they are still alive unless they've managed to find shelter. :( 'someone' has been taking down the posters that the searchers have been putting up :twisted: The van has been traced but it was sold by the builders who it was registered to and no new owner has reg'd it :roll:

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