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Hetty and Hilda

nesting area problems

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hi all:

wondering if anyone can offer a little advice?

i have had my girls for over 2 years now and in july i treated them to a new house. there old house was a cheap wooden one that got covered in lice and mites and i wanted something a little more easier to clean, so we got a Eglu Go its fantasitc and would recomend one to anyone there so easy to clean and the girls love it, but there is one down side to this since the Go has been in place the girls use the nesting area as there new toilet and it gets quite messy in there they also lay there Eggs in it to so i am forever giving them baths to keep them clean.

anyone got any ideas how i can encorage them to not use it as a toilet and use it to lay there eggs only?

many thanks



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thanks Guys & Girsl I knew I could rely on my omlet chums to help some great tips there thanks. and I am glad you like the blog only recently started it.

I think I will give the football in the nesting area first and hopfully I will remeber to take it out! :lol: faling that it looks like it will be the scoop!

have a great new year people :dance:




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Hmmmm honeycomb recipe ....should have put a sugar thermometer on my Christmas list :roll: I've bookmarked your blog...love it :D


Ooooo should I not be letting my ladies sleep in the nest box? I've got the cube and thought it'd keep the nice and snug in there and just clean it out!!! Ops am I being a naughty mummy by letting my girlies get away with it? :oops::lol:

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We put a football in the nest-box - we take it out in the morning when we open the pop hole and put it back when we have collected the eggs - or if someone hasn't laid we put the football back when we put the girls back in the run as it get dark - I refuse to poo pick unnecessarily!

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Mine now only sleep in the nest box (bad girls)

But I actually fine it easier to clean..

Poo pick in the morning, with rubber gloves..of course, the Aubiose had made them all lovely and hard :D

If they roost have to poo pick the tray and normally clean the bars so I actually prefere it.

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