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Planning on getting a dog.....pic page 7!!

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:lol::lol::lol: How weird! I attached a copper bell to his collar today! :lol::lol:


He sounded like Rudolph in the woods :wink: A couple of people commented that they thought it was a great idea. I actually did it as he has caught a couple of rabbits and I thought a bell might give them a fighting chance......

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Nearly 2 1/2 years since Furface arrived and I think he's settled! Just!




He is doing really well. Still a couple of issues (namely joggers) but I can let people into the house without him getting 'friendly' with his teeth and with their ankles now. Still go to 'problem dog' training on a Monday evening and love it. So does he.


He still won't come back every time I call him, but always comes back when he's good and ready to.

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I think he needs the training. He's quite a clever terrier (well I would say that)! And needs the mental stimulation. He's just such fun (sounding like Miranda) to have around!


He's been brilliant for my dad who looks after him when I'm at work, good company for him and gets him out and about meeting people. Plus his blood pressure has dropped dramatically and he's on less pills now 8)

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