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Planning on getting a dog.....pic page 7!!

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just had my home visit for the two cats we are looking to home. She thinks it will be fine although we have to wait for the official nod. She did mention that unless we had a dog the size of a rat we wouldn't be able to get a rescue dog due to the height of our back fence. Due to where we are, we would not want to put up a higher fence either. So looks like it may well have to be a puppy in the future if we make that leap.

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I'm back!! :D:D


My Dad drove to the foster home and Milo decided to sit in the foot well for the journey home. He is such a good boy!


A couple of marking territory incidents, but nothing major. :roll:


I was told he pulls on the lead - after an hours walking/training, he doesn't anymore. I just stopped walking very time the lead went slack and he soon realised if he pulled I stopped. 8)


He knows his name now as the foster family called him Milo after I left. Doesn't know 'sit' or down, but now knows 'off' with regard to the sofa and bed! :roll::lol: He is like my shadow :lol: Can't even go to the loo alone. I have a few days off, but due back on Saturday for 1 day, so will take leave if I can. Then I have another week off before I'm back to work.


I was finishing off a quilt for Ex's Birthday (40th) yesterday and he was asleep under my desk, curled up on my feet. I think Milo and I are going to be very good friends. :D:D I am soooo happy!


I only have pictures on my phone, but will try and take some today.

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Awww, what a wee sweetie. How was he last night Christian?


He was fine Clare. I have his bed in the corner of the lounge and he found it straight away. He likes the cuddly sheep I bought him, so I took that, and his bed upstairs into my bedroom and after 10 minutes of pacing, he got into his basket, feel asleep and didn't get up again until 6.40 this morning. 8)


I heard he was up and in a way wanted him to whine, so I could let him out but he didn't. I lay there in the dark for 10 minutes then decided to get up. Light on and he was back in bed :lol: He is the strangest dog. He is silent! :lol: No barking, growling, or whimpering! I am sure he will find his voice when he is settled.


I took him to Pets at home today to get him weighed as I wasn't sure - I don't have scales in the house - work of the devil they are! :wink: He is 11.9 kgs which I was surprised at. Thought he was lighter. He actually freaked out there :( Started shaking and found it all too much. Will work at his socialisation very slowly I think. Have had a chat with the Warden and he is sending me details of recommended classes in my area, so will start that next week.


I do think he was owned by someone at some point, but the basics he doesn't understand. Happy to go back to puppy training with him.


On a positive note, I have met 7 people out walking who all stopped for a chat 8) (including the local Landlord's son :whistle: - who is rather nice and very chatty) :oops::wink:

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It's amazing who you meet when you walk a dog - I regularly bump into John Craven... not dishy at all but very nice.


His personality will come out when he is settled, just give him lots of cuddles and rewards when he is being good/confident in a strange environment or one which usually makes him unsettled. Home made liver cake works really well:

Line a swiss roll tin. Liquidise together some liver, an egg, some gluten free flour such as spelt and some garlic (I use the dried supplement but you can use raw. Spread it in the tin and bake on low until it is hard-ish. Turn it over and bake the other side until it's like leather. I cut it up into wee bits about 1cmsq and freeze it in bags until I need it - it can be given frozen. Great training treat. You can make the same with tuna or sardines.


Cyrus had no commands at all when we got him 9 months ago, he's about 6 years old I reckon and is learning slowly :roll:

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Aw Christian, he is gorgeous! It will all be very bewildering and strange for him at the moment but im sure he will soon find his confidence (and voice!) and in no time realise he has you wrapped round his little paw :lol:

11.9kg? :shock: He doesnt look that big, i thought he looked more the size of mine who is just under 7. Ours sleeps in our bedroom with us. Hes very good and just sleeps until we get up. I couldnt bare the thought of leaving him downstairs all by himself :(

He has a lovely big comfy dog bed at my side of the bed, but no, he much prefers sleeping on OHs dressing gown on his side! :roll: We actually bought OH a new dressing gown so George could have the old one :oops::lol:

I love walking with him, you do get to chat with so many people..........and if theres a nice good looking one, all the better! :wink::lol:


Regular updates and pictures please! I do believe Milo has quickly become an omlet favourite, he just doesnt realise how many honourary aunts and uncles he has! :lol:

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I was gob smacked at 12kg too! He is quite small really. I have a feeling the Pets @ home scales are out slightly :lol: I have booked him in for a vet check on Monday to see how he is and give him the once over. He needs to be neutered too, but I can't put him through that just yet! Will weigh him again then.


We have had a couple more accidents in the house :roll: But I'm dealing with it. It must be awful for the poor mite, he has had so many changes this week. A couple of accidents are to be expected. Just glad I have wipe clean floors :wink:

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