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poorly hen with flopped crown

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One of my original hens (Betty), who is nearly three years old, seems a bit unwell. She is normally very bouncy and bright and was at the top of the flock for a while. Recently I've noticed her hanging back and moving about slowly, her bottom has been mucky for the last few days whenever I've noticed it. She doesn't rush for treats like she used to either. Also her crown has gone a very dark purply red and has flopped over to one side. The other five hens all seem fine. If anyone has suggestions or advice of what might be wrong and how to help, I'd be most grateful. Thank you.

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I am very new to this as you can see from my signature, but a couple of months back I noticed Constance had a very mucky bum and was a bit slow and lethargic - and it turned out she had a bad infestation of mites....which I've been trying to get rid of ever since :roll: Maybe check her for mites?


The other question that seems to be asked normally is when she was last wormed


Sorry not to be more help, but I'm sure that someone who actually knows their stuff will be along to give you some advice soon.

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I'd give her a basic health check as described here


Worming with Flubenvet her might be a good idea if it hasn't been done for a while.


Check her breathing for signs of wheezing or rattling too.


As she is 3 years old, it might just be that she is coming to the end of the line.

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Hi Bibibi,


How's Betty doing?


You mentioned she's slow to treats, is she still eating and drinking like she used to?


Also, is the poop still looking like poop (although it's a bit runnier), or is it completely white splats? (Odd question, but there's a reason for it!)


In my (limited) experience, a mucky bum in a older hen generally indicates the egg tackle is failing and causing blockages so the poop can't get out cleanly. It's a risk of aging with a lot of breeds, and can mean chook is preparing to leave :(


In the meantime, if she's eating enough to take a worming give it a go.

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