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Goosey Lucy

Easter Crafty Swap 2012: Vote on page 12

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I know that this is the middle of the easter swap :D .....but.......




yes please, and ill even offer to organise it :roll::lol:


with the rule that it must be halloweeny :lol::lol:





oh, i got my box today :dance::dance: its in a box - so I cant squish it :shameonu: (ive tried tho :lol::lol: )


thank you to my easter bunny :D I love it already (and ive not opened it yet :lol: )

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Great to hear so many people have already received their gifts :D


I've chatted with the Easter Bunny who has suggested asking you when do you want to open them?

The options are:

1) As soon as it arrives

2) Good Friday

3) Easter Sunday


Please click here to vote


I can't wait to see what everyone has received (hint hint for photos :wink: )


Lucy x

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oooh, i like the idea of a postcard swap :D:D


it could even just be a local postcard from your home town :D:D


You could use it for inspiration but have to draw, sew, bead, knit, crochet, paint, stick or stitch it. :D You'd need a bit of a challenge :lol:

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I too like the idea of postcard & Halloween swaps. :D

I also want to join the knit along, but unsure as to what wool I have in my stash that's suitable.

I opened my prezzie when it came the other week , as wondered what the parcel was coming through the post. Totally forgot about the Easter swap. :oops: It arrived when I was at a big low & very poorly. I did take a photo & I will put it on here tomorrow as it is such a beautiful prezzie & involved a lot of work. Fantastic embroidery skills - I just love it!


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I havent voted but i really dont mind when it will be so i will go with the flow :)


Ive got mine!!!! i have put it under the table so not beat temptation to open it! very excited! thank you very much to my sender - you dont know how much you have made my day and i havent even opened it yet *squeals with excitment*


Love the idea of the postcard swap :D

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