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Yet another recommendation, well 3 actually. I have just read the first 2 parts of The Lewis Trilogy by Peter May (The Blackhouse, The Lewis Man and The Chessmen)


Amazon are craftily offering The Lewis Man at 20p but when you read the summary you realise that you have to read The Blackhouse first, which is normal price) The Chessmen has only just been released and is over £9 , hence the reason I am yet to read this one!


They are loosely murder mysteries but they are so much more than that. All set on the Island of Lewis and surrounding islands - beautifully descriptive and very much more about the characters than the murders themselves - The Lewis Man for instance has as one of the central characters a man suffering from Alzheimers and the portrayal of him is astounding.


Books to really get lost in. I will be sad once I have read the last one as there are no more!

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I was busy persuading YS to read A Town like Alice and thought I should do the same on here. If you haven't read it, please try it. Written by Nevil Shute it is romantic, dramatic and just so moving. I always have a copy of it and it's just one of those stories if you know what I mean. I am going to re-read On the Beach because I didn't like it but feel I should have.

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I didn't know this thread existed, but am pleased to have seen it now.


I read a couple of books by DBC Pierre:

Vernon God Little, and

Lights Out in Wonderland


Both quite curious, and to this day... a debate about the ending of Vernon God Little persists between myself and my better half.


I'm part way through Skippy Dies... which I am enjoying also, again quite curious (even though the author; Paul Murray insists on using words I have to tap the meaning of, which is a little annoying).

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