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Has this ever happened to you?

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I went out at about 5.20 pm to tuck the girls in for the night; as the run door shut behind me, the bolt locked and there I was, stuck in the chicken house :doh::roll::oops: It was -2, dark and all I had was a torch - no coat - and a very cold egg for company :wall: In spite of flashing the torch in an effort to attract the attention of the OH when he passed the kitchen window a couple of times, it was nearly an hour (6.15) before he finally twigged that I was not "playing with the chickens" (as if, at that time of night in -2 temperature without a coat on :roll: when the girls had gone to bed :doh: ).


Cold was not the word :!:


55 minutes :!::!::!: Will be much much more careful in future to make sure that doesn't ever happen again. Not good fun, but had to see the funny side :lol:

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Poor you!


Yes that's happened to both my husband and I


My husband dismantled the door to get put resulting in necessary bodged cable tie repairs and a door that's never been the same :roll: I on the other hand fashioned a door opening device out of the wire chicken drinker handle :lol:

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Just had to add that a similar thing happened to me last year. One Sunday tea time I was in the garden with the chickens when my husband opened the back door and shouted that he was going out. OK says I and off he goes. A while later, with chickens safely back in the run, I put my hand on the back door handle to find that he had locked the door from the inside, locking me in the garden.


As there is no back access to our garden other than through the house or over a fence, I was well and truly stuck. After fuming for a while, wondering what to do, I realised that my neighbour was at home so I shouted over the fence. No-one came out although I could hear them inside so I found a longish cane, reached over and tapped on their french window. Result, neighbour came out and after explanation phoned my husband on his mobile to bring him back to let me in.


Everyone thought it was a huge joke and extremely funny. I could see the funny side eventually but was pretty mad at the time.

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Oh dear, at least he noticed you were missing! some hubbies out there may not have.... You could have been in there all night! :lol:



This reminds me of a time when I took our dog for a walk with my Mum, one hot summer ( yes there was one)

Hubby and my Dad were trimming trees and didn't notice that we were gone for 3 and a half hours. We'd got lost and with no drinks either.

It was only when we came back they realised we'd been gone for such a long time. And that they hadn't had a cup of tea for a while.


I hope you are a lot warmer now.

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Along the same lines....who else has been in the hen pen & thought to themselves that if they were to take a fall & hit their head,they would probably be pecked clean by the time anyone noticed?


Or is it just me & my lot???


Maybe just evil Weed would peck you clean Sarah?! Mine are too girly to come up to me, unless of course I was holding their treats, then I'm their best friend.......

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Poor you! No husband to miss me but I'm sure my boys would realise when they got hungry.


I used to be regularly locked out by my parents when I was living with them in my early 20s. They would forget I was out, put all the bolts on the door and go to bed. Nice to know they never worried about me getting home in the dark..... :roll:

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