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Aldi Fruit Trees

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Wish I had seen this sooner! I bought Lidl fruit trees a few years ago, around a fiver each I think and they were great trees. A cherry, pear and a couple of apples trees. I moved last year and had to leave the trees, but am after an espalier pear tree for my new (much smaller) garden. Would definitely recommend the Lidl trees to anyone. My local garden centre (family run) which I like to support, just can't compete. Their trees start at around £15 each, which I still think is cheap.

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£15 is a reasonable price, other garden specialists begin at £18.99 for a bare rooted specimen.


Don't know quite how easily the trees could be espaliered, or if it needs to be a particular strain? Tesco have some bare rooted trees, not quite as good value as Aldi/Lidl, but definately cheaper than your local garden centre (and they are the very same bare rooted trees - including labels - as the Aldi/Lidl ones. You may still be able to get a half decent bargain there? (Even though I am anti-Tesco :notalk: )

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Does anyone know what rootstock they are? I put the tags in the garage and they have blown off the shelf and slipped down the back of the fridge freezer.

Do you think I could grow them in a pot? I bought a Stella cherry, a Comice pear and a Victoria plum and an apple?


Mrs Potts

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