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I had the !goyellow! with a 4m run.

Simple answer I am afraid is yes.

I ordered an extra door panel, and had two doors along one side. I could get the rake in but not reach all areas, to lift it up was a two person even three person job.

It did get a bit stinky in the summer, and very muddy in the winter, because of the sloping sides it is difficult to keep the bedding dry if you don't cover all the way around.

I tried putting it on the patio with one of the sides and the roof covered but in heavy rain water ran under the run and made the bedding wet.


My dad made me a WIR for Christmas which is great, if I still had the !goyellow! with the 4m run I would have a look at the Eglus, Cubes and Runs threads and put it on marine ply with some wheels :D Its a great idea and would make things a lot easier.

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