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Alis girls

Wish me luck please

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so glad you are ok...have just logged on to the site and wish I had been here to wish you well. Hormones can give you strange pains now and then....I suffered from what felt like someone ramming a knitting needle through my cheek bones....gp confirmed no sinus issues and basically said go away......I later found it sometimes occurs at ovulation! why didn't someone say. (I put this info in just incase someone else is suffering)


I hope you feel mentally 'safe' after your check and that this is just one of those occasional things with little explanation...many hugs

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Too late to wish you luck; but just in time to say "Phew!" to you!!!


I have a lump; non malignant, not a cyst but something inbetween. I've had it aspirated so many times that I feel like I have a pincushion for one breast :roll: So, I can empathise with your concerns and worries.


I've never taken dh with me - he's such a big girl's blouse, I cope better on my own! :lol:


What I am so very pleased about is a) you had it checked straight away and b) you were given express treatment (rightly so with your family history!!!) and c) it does not appear to be of any serious consequence.


I also have the Mirena and I sometimes get breast discomfort. :think: Maybe a hormone thing?


Now Nursey; back to stiff upper lip and all that :wink: ((hugs))

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Alli, I have only just caught up with this post...so glad to hear that you were given the all clear at the clinic. Last year I was recalled after a mammogram and I can honestly say that waiting the month for the follow up appointment ranks amongst my worst experiences ..ever!!! Fortunately I too was given the all clear, but in the same time no less than three women of my age that I know through work had less happy outcomes to their further investigations. I want to say that all have undergone their initial treatment and have good prognosis...and so for anyone out there whilst it is undoubtedly a scary time, these days there are some extremely good outcomes...


The moon Walk is full now, but there are still places on the Sun Walk...1st July tbh..Half marathon probably my limit but I'm game for it if anyone else wants to join in?? Omleteers getting fit in 2012 are you up for this????

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