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Toilet Twinning

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I went to visit a client's office yesterday, and while I was there I asked to use the loo. I was surprised to see a framed photo in there, with the words 'This toilet is twinned with ...' and showing a picture of a rather dilapidated brick toilet block in Rwanda. I asked more, and it turns out that all their office toilets are 'twinned' with one in a poorer country, and they've even started giving 'twinning certificates' as corporate gifts, instead of wine or flowers.


The website is here and it's backed by Tear Fund. I think this is a really great idea, I am going to see if I can persuade my place of work to do anything like this. It would be a great project for a school to raise money for. There's also some fun stuff on the website - take a look at the weird latrines!

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