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The Mcconnochies

Dead chicken, very upset, any ideas?

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Well, this morning our four chickens were let out as normal and all seemed fine. Yesterday one of the miss pepper pots was pecking the others a bit but all were laying eggs and we were going to get some anti peck today. Somewhere between 9 and 10 I heard some louder clucking but I was settling a teething baby so couldn't investigate and when Andrew went out later he found a rather sadly dead Ruby (our newest gingernut). There was a lot of blood around, and a patch of it in the nesting box. She had a very bloody vent and it looked like bits of insides coming out. I think she had also been pecked.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might have a occurred? We are concerned for the others and would hate it to happen again.


Thank you so much!


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I had exactly this happen the other day ...although my poor hen wasn't dead when I found her.


She too was very new to laying, and from the state of her I'm guessing that she had prolapsed, and the other hens had pecked away at the protrusion. I've had it happen before. It's just one of those things I'm afraid, and there is nothing one can do, apart from deal with the aftermath.


Sorry you have had this unpleasant experience to deal with.

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Sorry to hear it. My guess would be like Egluntyne, that she had a prolapse. The other hens would find that irresistible I'm afraid. Even if you'd found her straight away, you may not have been able to do anything. Very sad, but just one of those things.

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Sorry to here about Ruby, and I do feel for you dealing with the losses in such a short time after starting out.

I lost a new girl within a couple of weeks of starting out, never knew what it was, she died peacefully sitting on my knee. I was so upset my husband was ready to pack it all in. But we didn't, and have just added another 2.

The losses and illness are the negatives, (and intros :roll: )

But the good bits are so good, it is a natural process and death and sickness is part of that, I have my routine now and love every minute, ( except early mornings in the cold :D )

Keep your chin up, you have had to deal with a lot of the bad bits very early in the adventure, but all the experiences help build up your own knowledge and confidence!

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