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The: "I can't believe you just said that!" thread

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Having gone through some integration success yesterday, dh and moved the (green eglu) to the copse area of our garden. We've placed it next to an old pebble fountain (which the birds use as a drinking pool) and it got me thinking (again!) about having ducks and if they could be housed in the Eglu. Mention this to dh and he was :shock:

dh: "We can't have ducks!"

me: "Why not?"

dh: "Think of the noise!!!"


I couldn't believe he said that :lol: We have a park, with a large duck pond just a few 100 yards away and it is those ducks who land on my pond every summer and we hear them all year long!! :wall:

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Took a selection of eggs to one of the girls in the office on Friday - all sizes and colours. She was delighted! (Naturally :wink: )


"Gosh, look at those colours!"

*me smiling with pride* ... then she said it ...

"Do the different colours mean they taste different?"


Bless her heart :lol::lol::lol:

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One of the other liveries where I keep the horses found out that I have just added to my flock and was asking after maybe buying some surplus eggs when I have any, she asked me what colour eggs my hens lay, !egg! & !eggwhite! at the moment I told her then added that my columbine will probably lay a !egggreen! or a !eggblue! ..


" Oh! How do you get the yolks that colour then?" she asked, before adding "I couldn't possibly eat an egg if the yolk wasn't yellow!" :lol::lol::lol:

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I read the duck thread one lunchtime and really quite fancied a pair. They are supposed to be even messier though that the chucks :roll:

Stopped reading and gave myself a good talking to, don't make me read it again.......I am too weak.


They had some at a farm show last year for sale, fortunately at the time I didn't have anywhere to put them so that was an easy no. but now I have a spare !goyellow!:whistle: .


Will have to loan it to someone quick!

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Funnily enough the blue shelled eggs do usually taste slightly richer.


I have recently read somewhere that coloured eggs have a different taste. Can't remember where I read it though.

Funnily enough, after I'd begun this thread, someone posted about "The Hungry Sailors" and there was a comment on there about the different colours tasting differently. Mind you, the taste test was flawed because he admitted he went by texture and yolk colour when guessing :lol:


I'll know for sure about the blue eggs when Petra starts laying :D

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