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Old Speckled Hen

Aldi gardening

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I got mine about a week ago from the garden centre but wish I had waited for Aldi.....just love their gardening stuff :D I bought my seeds from there. Last year I got lovely box, lavender and bedding plants.

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Got heaps of seeds, a seed & pot tray,plus the most amazing Kumquat tree which is smothered in fruit to go with my Lemon,Orange & Olive from last year.

I have no idea what to do with Kumquats,but it looks fab :roll::lol:

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They are an acquired taste. They are bitter sweet and you eat them peel and all. They are weird in that the peel and zest is the sweet bit with the fruit inside being tart.

If you can't face that you can candy them,preserve them in alcohol and sugar....brandy is lovely so is rum.... and make marmalade out of them. This is easy,you just halve,cook to soften and away you go.

You can cook them with sugar, spices or spirits to make sweet compôtes and aromatic chutneys.


I'm on the lookout for a Limequat which is a Kumquat crossed with a Key lime. Similar properties but taste of sweet limes :)

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Check out Aldi this Thursday.

Seed spuds for £1.79 amongst other goodies :)

Thank you for the heads up.


I bought:-

1 x earlies

1 x main crop


Then I saw some other goodies :oops: and bought:

strawberry runners (early, mid, late and everlasting)

Garlic x 2 packs

red onion sets

onion sets


I passed on the asparagus because I don't think my experience into grow your own are up to those yet.


I already have lots of seeds which I bought last season when Wilko's had their 75% off sale.


Then I popped to the £Shop and bought some pretties:-

1 x bleeding heart

2 x escallonia

1 x honeysuckle

3 x 3 bright red oriental poppy

3 x 2 hosta packs


Well, I did have some time to kill between 1700-2200hrs (when I then had to attend an interview for a report I'm conducting :roll: )


Clearly spent a bit; but save a LOT! So, thank you :clap::clap::clap:

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