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Hello all,


ATM I have both an eglu go (with four pekins) and an eco hen loft from solwayrecycling (home to five pekins). I want to get a larger WIR in a while to house all nine pekins together hopefully, but my quandary is what would be best to house them all in. Originally I planned to get a 'cube' but my pekins in the 'go' do not like the slatted floor, so are just using the moulded base as the go floor. The floor in the eco hen loft is flat, but it does have two perches, which just one or two of the pekins use at night. Both coops have auboise on the floors for the pekins to snuggle into. I have been looking at maybe buying a chicken loft (greenfrogdesign) rather than a cube, but as these all cost quite a lot I really do want to make the right choice. The height of the cube seems to make for easier cleaning (not as young as I used to be!) but if my pekins won't be happy in it due to the slatted floor, it would be rather an expensive mistake.


Has anyone else had difficulties with their hens not liking the eglu slatted floors? I'd much appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks, Jx. :doh:

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Nearly all of my lot snuggle not perch so I think its a sensible option


I'm not a fan of Green Frog housing personally but do think the Solways houses are good, its maybe worth seeing if they do a bigger version of your existing one?


you could simply fill the cube trays with bedding and leave out the roosting bars (as they are removable) as far as I know, perhaps someone with a Cube will be able to advise further

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Sorry, dont think I explained myself very clearly..

Supposed to be working, so flicking on to chicken face book ( as my daughter calls it ) when I have a break :lol:

Yes I have removed the bars and filled up the trays with a layer of newspaper and fill up with Auboise.

Every morning poo pick and job is done, no need to clean bars so cube keeping is even easier now.

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Many thanks Margaret and Redwing for the advice. I'll have to do some more serious thinking about it all, as although I'd like to put all my nine pekin bantams together in a large metal run I'm planning (I'd also like to get some more pekins - choice of colours still to look for! = morehens disease) one of the five is a bully and pecks my black pekin at any chance.


I've noticed on the Poultry Club that they say four hens per nestbox, so has the cube enough nestbox space for my nine pekins, and is the cube really big enough for 10 hens/bantams to live comfortably in (I close up each night, so they wouldn't be able to escape into the enclosed run if space/bullying became an issue).


They still aren't laying yet, but I want to be prepared in advance, and I want to give them a nice home life as they are my pets, and repay me with much joy in their company! :) Jx

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