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Does anyone do Valentine's Day?

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They were all smiles when I gave them their special toast a few minutes ago (and they were stumped how I'd done it).


That's known as Mummy Magic in our house :lol:

:lol::lol::lol: Love it!


Trouble is they will very soon be officially "men" and no longer believe in "Mummy Magic" :roll::think: Which also means ... someone else will be their "Valentine" :shock::shock::shock: Best make them another slice while they still love me :notalk:

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We mark it, mainly because The Boy doesn't live with Rosie and I, so we both take a day off and spend some time together; this usually involves a pub lunch and long dog walk. It is half term this week, so Rosie joined us.


Not sharing the same house and only seeing each other at weekends means that we don't take each other for granted and really enjoy any time we have together.


I gave them each a valentine and some home made heart shaped biscuits, Rosie had some valentines from admirers 8)

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We do it's our engagement anniversary :oops: tbh I would be quite happy to give it a miss but DH never misses :oops: even after 36 years card, chocs and underwear this year from him all left for me to find when I got up.

I had bought him a card and then felt guilty at my lack of effort so popped out and got him a billabong and quicksilver Tshirt :lol:

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