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Positive vibes for Spookster please - sad update

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Spooky cat went for his jabs on Saturday. He has lost weight, but I thought it was due to the known problem with his kidneys (or his diabetes or ear tumour......). But the vet felt a lump in his tummy and thinks he has got lymphoma. If correct, the prognosis isn't good.


He is booked in for a scan an possible biopsy next Wednesday. I am dreading it.


He is such a character, he rehomed himself to us about 10 years ago, has caused thousands of pounds of damage to the house due to his inappropriate spraying - but I still love him to bits. I reckon he is at least 16 so has had a good innings - but it will still be incredibly sad when he goes.


I hate this bit about having pets.....

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Spooky was a very good brave boy at the vets (and on the way with his mum's dodgy driving :oops: ).


He was so good they scanned him without having to sedate him. But - he has a big (large egg-sized) tumour, plus smaller ones around his tummy; fluid around his stomach; high blood pressure; he is aneamic; and his kidneys are a 'strange shape' (I already know their function was well down).


This is to go with his lack of teeth and borderline diabetes....


The good news is that the vet does not think he is in pain. He is certainly eating, drinking, getting up when I do and coming for cuddles.


So, after a long discussion and much soul searching, we decided against treatment (too agressive and his multiple conditions would complicate things), and let nature take its course - as soon as he appears unhappy, I will take him back. Not sure how long it will be, I would guess weeks rather than months. But in the space of 2 days, he has learned that the fridge holds the M&S real chicken that I am giving him as (hopefully) quality protein....so his personality is still there!


Thank you all for your thoughts.


Cathy and Spooks xxxxx

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Spooky died in the early hours of Friday morning. He had got very weak by Thursday, but still lifted his head to give me a meow when he saw me. I took some cat milk to him, then carried him up to bed with me. I was woken at about 1.15, he struggled for a short while, then passed away. I am incredibly sad, but pleased he died at home, in bed, with me - his favourite place.


RIP my special boy.

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